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5 Quick Hairstyles for Second Day Hair

We’ve all been there. Some mornings you wake up late and you know there's no time to wash your hair. In fact, not washing your hair can actually be better for the long-term health of your hair.  However, we all know that "greasy" feeling second day hair can have. Here at PlanB Headquarters in Kelowna, we've…

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Six 2016 Oscar Inspired Hair Tutorials

And the Oscar goes to… Plan B Headquarters, for picking out the top six styles we saw on the red carpet this Oscar season! There were many stunning styles at Hollywood’s most infamous award show, but obviously, some were better than others. We’ve rounded up six looks from the stars and found similar tutorials for […]

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8 Disney Princess Inspired Hair Tutorials

Remember when you were five, and all you wished to be was a Disney Princess (or Prince)? Well, now you can, thanks to how the hair industry has advanced over the last few years. No longer are you confined to regular styles and colors, you can now embrace Disney character inspired locks every single day! […]

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