Robyn Harrow

“Contouring can be applied to a beard trim, who knew?”

Nickname: Herro
Personal Style: Relatively casual
Favourite Product:  Layright Pomades


I started out with training in Kelowna about 5 years ago, then I went back to Calgary and completed my red seal training for hair styling. I got to apprentice under some pretty cool barbers in Calgary, some of them were old school, some new school. I learned a lot and decided to become a barber exclusively.

I started out as a makeup artist and worked for a bunch of big name companies. When I started to do hair I liked that the end result had more longevity, but I wanted a faster pace. So I wanted to combine the detail of makeup artistry with the creativity of hair styling and that lead me to barbering – contouring can be applied to a beard trim, who knew?

Every hair cut is awesome regardless of style because it’s all about details and technique with short hair. The part, the fade, you want everything to be on point. I love every aspect of what I do.


My favourite products are the original, superhold, and matte Layrite pomades. The fact that it’s water soluble is great because a lot of guys need something that rinses out easily. The hold is great and it’s easy to work with.

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