Jessica Mott

“I’m pretty casual but a little bit girly. Summertime definitely brings

out my inner flower child”


Nickname: Jess
Personal Style: Casual, and a bit of a hippy
Favourite Product: Evo Water Killer Dry Shampoo

I’ve always wanted to be a stylist. When I was little I was always chopping all our barbies hair off, which my sister hated! I moved here from Smithers to go to MC College. When I got a job while still in hair school, I decided to stick around.

I love working with my hands and being creative/artistic. I really enjoy chatting with people and hearing their stories.

I’m always working to expand my skills in all sorts of techniques for women’s cuts, men’s cuts, colours etc. It’s nice at Plan B because you get a wide variety of work. Some people want blonde or crazy purple and I’m always doing lots of different cuts; it’s a challenge and I love that. I embrace change and am always getting people in my chair who want to try new things. I like it when someone comes in and wants to try something different.

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