Courtney Stromquist

“I have a habit of laughing at the worst times”

Nickname: Court
Personal Style: Minimalist styles
Favourite Product: Kevin Murphy Freehold


I started my apprenticeship back in September 2017. I was looking at getting into barbering and started calling around to all the barbershops to see if anyone would accept an apprentice. I almost didn’t call Plan B because I thought they were so great, there was no way they would take me, but they did and I’m stoked to be apart of the team.

I like being creative, working with my hands and working with people. Each client is unique and you always get to do something different, which I really enjoy. Some of my favourite styles to create are textured cuts with a little length, and even on short styles I love playing with shape and texture.

Plan B Kelowna Hair Salon Barbershop | Barber Courtney Stromquist