Casey Harder

“Just a regular ol’ tattooed & bearded, Chuck Taylor/Jean wearing stylist…”


Nickname: Harder
Personal Style:Tattooed and bearded
Favourite Product: Layrite original pomade


I made a huge career shift when I became a stylist, I used to work on the oil rigs in Alberta but I was miserable doing what I was doing. I actually grew up in the industry, my mom is a stylist and the funny thing is when I was younger I swore I would never become a hairdresser! But I decided to make the change because everyone I knew who was in hair was happy and I wanted to enjoy what I do, so I made the switch and love it – I’d never go back.

I have a broad range of skills and specialize in Men’s fades, Hair Tattoos, ethnic fades, and straight shaves. I also am very good with the ladies… with versatile skills in women’s cuts, colors, and styling. I advanced my skills in women’s haircuts and colouring through advanced classes via Redken and Joico.

I love opportunities to build trust with my clients because it’s so important in what we do. Educating clients and building relationships is the key to success.

Honestly I’m really just a regular ol’ Chuck Taylor/Jean wearing male hairstylist. I really enjoy getting out in the community and doing special events hair for music festivals such as Center of Gravity and Keloha.

If I could be a fictional movie character I’d be almost any of Matthew Mcconaughey’s characters, because he’s just a sly motherf%&*er. I don’t really watch a lot of movies though, I actually prefer to read books – everything from Clive Cussler to Niccolo Machiavelli.

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Best of Kelowna 2017 & 2015 – Best Hairstylist for Men

Best of Kelowna 2017 Bronze Best Hairstylist for men Casey Harder
Best of Kelowna 2015 Bronze Best Hairstylist for men Casey Harder
Plan B Headquarters Kelowna Hair Salon and Barbershop Team - Casey Harder