Carmen Facciotti

“I don’t really get embarrassed. I’m pretty easy going so nothing really gets to me.”

Nickname: Cfacc (pronounced see-fass)
Personal Style: Adaptable
Favourite Product: Salty Dog from Evo

I was in sales for 7 years and I didn’t want to pursue that career path any more so when my cousin opened her own salon and invited me to come work with her I decided to go out on a whim and jump into doing hair. It was a risk at the time but it worked out and I love it! I love the creativity and the freedom to create different looks and styles for people.

My favourite thing to do is balayage, it’s the biggest trend right now. I really like how the technique is open to your own creativity and your own style or approach, you have more freedom to create and you can be an artist with it. I really enjoy all aspects of doing hair but balayage is definitely my favourite.

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