Brigette Hollett

“Everyone calls me Brig. Everyone thinks it’s spelled ‘bridge’, but it’s not…”

Nickname: Brig, “Beej”, or B
Personal Style: Casual
Favourite Product: EVO Helmut Finishing Spray.

I have been doing hair for over 2 years. I went to MC College in Kelowna, where I learned a lot of different techniques. I thought I had to follow a “traditional” career path when I was younger so I enrolled in a Bachelor of Science program but I just wasn’t into it. I had to follow my heart into hair.

I love doing balayage hair colour and men’s cuts! Men’s cuts are shorter and sometimes considered easier than women’s hair, but every cut is different, so I always make sure to personalize it, paying special attention to each guy’s hairline, texture, etc. I’ve always done a lot of women’s hair, so I love that I get to do more men’s hair here at Plan B. I also love dry cutting, seeing where everything sits and customizing each cut.

I don’t really have a personal style. I never really follow trends, because I never care what anyone else thinks. I do what I want. I guess if I had to pick a style I’d say I’m casual. I like to be comfy.

I love music and couldn’t live without it, I usually can’t remember the name of my favourite songs but I can sing all the words! If I could I’d probably be a Disney princess, but I’m not sure which one. Probably Ariel. She’s my favourite.


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