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Redken Colour Trends 2017

A new year means more than new hair styles and trends. Colours are always changing, adapting, and growing with the trim trends that define each year. Take a minute to learn what colour can do for your style! With a suite of Redken Colour products, Plan B is ready to match any colour inspiration you’re after. With that said, let’s take a look at the colours of 2017!

Kelowna Hair Salon | Plan B | pastel hair colour

Pastel Hair Colours

Pastel shades are going to be defining in the colours we see this year, with subdued hues and a washed appearance. Along with this, the ombre/balayage look – defined by a sharp switch in tone from dark to light – is being turned over in favor of a more melted appearance, sliding smoothly from one shade to the other. This doesn’t mean that vibrant colour is gone, but that the colours you see spotting our city of Kelowna will start incorporating some faded shades. With the grey tones that have become so popular the past couple years, faded and washed pastel colours are making a big step forward and into the spotlight.

Grey Undertones with Pastel on Top

A great use of pastel tones, with an elegant shift to silver/grey towards the ends. When considering which colour will work best for you, take into account your complexion and default hair colour, as this will help you to find the perfect complimentary colours to play with. You don’t have to take our word for it (though you should), Redken Artist Celene Dupuis describes this style as “opal stone,” “[these colours are] very creatively applied for multidimensional reflect without being able to see where they were placed, like floating color.” Other tones work just as well with the right blend of pastel shades. To add this dynamic to your look, it isn’t a necessity to feature the silver/grey colour. However, we find pastels are right at home with silver/grey, as it is a lighter backdrop for the subtle colours to bounce off of.

Kelowna Hair Salon | Plan B | Hidden rainbow haircolour

Hidden Rainbow Hair Colour

This is a fun idea, and a playful way to spice up an otherwise “normal” hair colour. By applying dye underneath layers of hair, you can see the bright, powerful tones shine through the hair when worn down. Then have the colour take centerstage when worn up. This secret colour style makes for an unexpected look when switching between a bun and flowing locks. Balancing between bold colour and natural tones makes for the perfect style no matter the occasion.

Kelowna Hair Salon | Plan B | Redken City Beats hair colour

Split Dye Hair with Redken’s City Beats Colours

The City Beats line of products from Redken are known for their vibrant shades, inspired by the streets of New York City. If you’re looking to turn heads, look no further than a 50/50 haircolour split dye! This takes two opposing colours, adding them as highlights to a traditional haircolour. Dark hair, especially black, works best for this contrasting style by drawing attention to the streaks of powerful colour. To apply this style, the hair is pre-lightened in streaks on either side with lightener or bleach, then colour is applied to get the most out of either shade.

Stop in at Plan B’s salon in Downtown Kelowna to See the Colours at Work!

With so many options, finding the perfect and appropriate style requires creativity and experience – our specialty at Plan B HQ. Whether you’re looking for vibrancy that sparkles in the eye with bold distinction, or softer muted shades of pastel that blend together for an always unique design, we have you covered and will make the recommendations that suit you. If you’re ready to start playing with colour, Redken has a line-up that offers something for everyone.


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