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Plan B Public Service Announcement: Say NO to bad hair

There’s an epidemic sweeping across the nation. Every day thousands if not millions of people are suffering from bad hair. Not only is it tragic, it’s also completely unnecessary.  We’re here to raise awareness about hair abuse and bring an end to unfortunate hair. We feel obligated to publish this Public Service Announcement for the good of people everywhere.

There are many manifestations; dated mullets, embarrassingly split ends, or at home box colour are just a few worth mentioning. We have a dream that one day the sadness of bad hair will no longer affect us, that we can all equally benefit from professional salon quality hair care. It starts here and it starts with you.

Here are a few areas that you can make the biggest impact when it comes to helping bring an end to bad hair.

Kelowna Hair Salon | Plan B | Do not cut your own bangs


Please, let trained professionals take care of you. It may be tempting to give yourself a quick trim here and there but it isn’t worth the almost inevitable aftermath. We’ve seem more botched bangs than we can count, and once you go too short, there’s no going back.

Also, most current styles are achieved with modern cutting techniques so it’s important that whomever is cutting your hair is up to date on their skills. Don’t be surprised when the long blended layers you requested come out as a choppy throwback to Joan Jet if you visit a stylist at SuperCuts who hasn’t taken a cutting class since 1986…

Kelowna Hair Salon | Plan B | Colour Correction

DIY Colour

While it may seem more economical to try at-home hair colour 90% of the time your hair will not turn out the colour it is on the box. Not everyone’s hair type, condition or color are even remotely the same so there is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to hair colour.

Additionally, most people have not attended cosmetology school and lack any knowledge of the “laws of color.” You probably can’t differentiate between color levels, read a color wheel or even select the right developer. Let’s just agree that a chemical process (and that is what hair colour is) is best left to the professionals.

Kelowna Hair Salon | Plan B | Outdated hair style

Outdated Trends

If the current style you are sporting is circa 2002 it’s time for an update! Keeping up with trends is not just for celebrities, it’s for anyone who wants to… I don’t know, get a date ever. As barbers and stylists it’s our job to keep our skills up to date with the techniques that are required for today’s hottest looks. So please, let us advise you.

If someone you love is suffering from this condition, please- get them to Plan B Headquarters immediately. Don’t let your friends or family walk around in public touting an 80’s perm or bangs they’ve trimmed themselves. Together, we shall over come , rather than over comb, this serious condition.

Kelowna Hair Salon | Plan B | Say No to Bad Hair

Please help us make the world a better place, put an end to unfortunate hair. Book an appointment at Plan B salon & barbershop in Kelowna today 250.717.7526