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How to get Your $h!t Together Pre-Hair Apt

To not have a $h!tty hair salon experience, there are some ground rules that we need to lay down. Because… let’s face it… you have all had that incident when you leave the hair chair disappointed with how your appointment went. At Plan B, we want to make sure you never leave upset with your hair outcome; which is why we’re letting you in on our secrets for “How to Have the Best Hair Appointment Possible” (aka our alternate title).

Secret #1

Think long term. Because not every hairstyle, cut or color can be achieved in one go.

Are you okay with coming back for multiple visits? Because if you’re going for some far-out hair color, you may be committing yourself to a lengthy process depending on where you’re starting. By talking to your stylist first about the results you want to achieve, he or she will be able to advise you on the proper steps to take (to keep the integrity of your locks). Most of the time they will recommend a desired length of time to leave your hair in-between appointments and give you a run-down on the evolution process of getting the color/style you want.

Secret #2

Be honest with yourself. Are you really ready for that big change… really?

We get it; breakups happen (especially close to Valentine’s) and you sometimes just need a change to help heal the pain. However, as your stylist, we want you to be sure of your decision. If you make a huge change to your look when you’re not ready, we can almost guarantee you’ll be crying over it at home. To avoid this, weigh out all the pros and cons of your desired style change. Once you’re sure (or almost 90% positive) then let us know and we’d be more than happy to give you that make over.

Bonus Tip: A good indication that you’re ready is if you go a few sleeps or weeks, and you are still thinking about making that change.

Secret #3

Bring us a $h!t ton of photos. It’s a known fact that pictures speak louder than words.

You’ve probably have heard us say this one thousand times before, but bring photos! Better yet, have them ready prior to your appointment. Don’t waste your time looking for that picture you swear you saw on Pinterest three weeks ago, but really it was from a Facebook image your friend posted last year. When you see something that catches your eye, save it to your phone and then search for several similar examples to present at your next appointment.

Secret #4

Don’t be dirty. It’s fine for at home fun time, but at the hair salon, we want you somewhat clean.

Yes, we did just slip in an innuendo there… but seriously, are you one of those people who wait a week to wash their hair before their appointment because we’re doing it for you? Please, consider our personal hygiene limits. A day or two of grubby hair is fine, in fact, it sometimes is better for those bleaching their hair as your natural oils help protect your hair follicles. But attending your appointment smelling like B.O. is not enjoyable for anyone in the salon. So, avoid this embarrassing mistake by having a shower the day before.

Secret #5

Feed Yo’self. Because being hangry is never a swell time.

If you have long hair, your appointment is going to take a long time… and probably interrupt your regular meal routine. So, instead of having a growling tummy bug you the whole time either eat right before your appointment or pack some light snacks! Protein bars are great for getting through a lengthy hair appointment, and so are healthy fats like avocados or coconut that will keep you full longer.

Secret #6

Try not to show up like you’re the star of Tangled. Ps. Have you seen our Disney Inspired Hair Tutorials?

Having your hair in knots makes your appointment an unpleasant experience for you, and a lengthy one for us. We promise to do the job and rid your hair of tangles, but we are not magicians. So, brace yourself; it might take a little time to brush through your hair, and we don’t always know if something is hurting you unless you tell us. A better option? Brush your hair out nice and proper at home! You’ll save us time during your appointment, meaning we can focus on the actual treatment, and you’ll be much happier with the entire experience if we aren’t pulling on your head by accident.

Secret #7

Book a consultation. Talking about something before the actual appointment is like buying insurance for a car- it’s worth it.

Did you know you can book a pre-hair consultation with us at Plan B? By scheduling a consultation, we’ll be able to get to know your hair ahead of time, assess the damage that’s been done, and recommend the best treatment for a spectacular outcome. It’s like getting married, right? Would you go into a marriage blindly and expect everything to work out for the best? Probably not. Express your concerns to us, what you’re hoping to do, and then book your full appointment once you’re confident about the entire process.

What do you think? Did our secrets give you some insight on how to have a successful hair appointment? Let us know in the comments below.

And, if you’re looking to book a hair appointment, don’t hesitate any longer and call Plan B! Our stylists and barbers cannot wait to give you the do you’ve always dreamed of.