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Feature Barber: Meet Josh Matthew

Feature Barber: Meet Josh Matthew

“How long have you been in the industry?”

I’m originally from South Africa, but I lived in London UK for most of life, then moved here. I’ve spent a total of two years so far in the industry, both as a side gig then professionally. I was getting a haircut and mentioned wanting to get into barbering. It’s always creative, it’s an art form. I had been doing hair on the side, but when the time came to get licensed I passed all the test cuts with flying colours.

“Why did you choose to become a stylist/barber?”

I started because my friends couldn’t afford haircuts (*laughs) Its just art, really. Someone who sits in my chair is like a canvas and it’s not permanent; they can come back in two weeks and have something new. I’m big into keeping my hair looking nice and thought, why not help others do the same?

“What techniques do you specialize in?”

Fades & hair tattoos I would say. I do mostly shorter & medium cuts, I’m not really into long hair.

“Describe your personal style.”

Casual and classy I would say. Depends on where I’m going and what I’m doing. Right now I’m pretty casual in Levis and a t-shirt, but if I was going out I would dress up a little more.

“Tell us about your worst personal haircut/hair day.”

I was like 15, I always used to get the same cut; a comb-over on the left with a 1-2 on the sides. I got this cut once that was so uneven and patchy, and the comb over didn’t blend. I ended up shaving it all off to let it grow back.

“If you could be any Hollywood movie character, who would it be and why?”

Probably Superman, because he’s strong, flies fast and shoots lasers out of his eyes. What’s better than that?

“If you were going to be stranded on a desert island and could only take 3 albums with you, what would they be?”

Drake for one, you gotta have some rock – Nickleback for sure and JB’s gotta be in there as a last resort.

“If you were going to be stranded on a desert island and could only take 3 movies with you, what would they be?”

Fast & Furious 1, 5 & 7 because they give you the beginning, middle, and end of the story.

“What’s your most embarrassing moment?”

Probably when I tried to colour my own hair a darker brown and it went orange. That was actually my introduction to Plan B, Billie Jean was fixing it. Don’t buy box dye, that’s a fact.

“We’re not trying to pick you up…but what’s your astrology sign?”

Pieces. Oh ya, I believe in horoscopes. I read them every day they come true all the time.

“Do you have any nicknames?”

Some of my friends call me Moose because I’m a big guy but that’s about it.

“What’s one product you simply cannot live without?”

Evo box of bollocks texture paste, you can do anything with it. It has a good hold is a matte finish and is water soluble.

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