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Colour trends: Nude Hair & Rose Gold

We know blondes have more fun, but what about nude blondes? Ahem – we’re talking nude hair that is. A perfect medium between icy platinum and sun-kissed golden locks, nude hair is the newest trend that comfortably falls in between. If you have grown tiresome of extreme dye jobs with high maintenance color, or shiver at the sight of galaxy hair, its time to go nude! If you’re not a color virgin, chances are your colorist has made reference to the terms ‘cool’ tones using the terms ash or platinum, and ‘warm’ tones using the terms honey or golden. When adopting traditional cool or warm blondes a trained colorist will consider the relation to your skin tone and eye color to devise a killer hue, but what about rocking the fool proof middle neutrals? If you’ve always wanted to prove blondes DO have more fun but hide at the sight of a bleach bottle, consider nude hair as the perfect transitional step for summer. Think neutral won’t work for you? Take note of color virgins, as most individuals are born with neutral strands without much tonal temperature, the color typically accommodates their complexion and eye color naturally. Working with ALL (yes, we mean ALL) complexion types, the trend of nude hair places focus on your most dominant features like eyes and can be styled both edgy modern, or classic bombshell. This neutral trend is being adopted by starlets like Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Amanda Seyfried, and models hitting the runway for 2016.

But if neutral blonde seems a bit ho hum, how about the newest sparkling hue of rose gold? If you have been scrolling through Instagram anytime in the last season you may have noticed a rose gold revolution building momentum. The shimmering blend of red, pink, and blonde notes has been embraced by all complexion types as well. Rose gold hair can vary in its tonal dimensions from a rich metallic color to a pastel peach that resembles strawberry blonde. For those seeking the Kelownafornia blowout, Plan B recommends adopting a bold shade of coral styled with bombshell curls. Its copper based undertones will enhance your summer glow, but can also be applied to clients with snow white features. But be aware and remove the rose tinted glasses for a moment, the colorists at Plan B highly recommend having this hue applied by professionals. At times difficult to achieve, if rose gold is your intention you want an expert to help you steer clear of bubble gum pink or orange copper that is void of toner. The professional stylists at Plan B also recommend pairing your metallic transition with professional products that help maintain, treat, and nourish your locks to keep your tone vibrant.

If you have had highlights, lowlights and are now stuck in a hair-dye rut, let Plan B be the ones to get you nude. If that brings too much pink to your cheeks, use that as inspiration and consider rose gold!

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