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Blue Jean Baby: Denim Hair Colour

Plan B Kelowna hair salon | Denim Hair colour trend

Colour by Jenna Johnson at Plan B

Deep blue. Faded. Acid wash. There’s just nothing quite like your favourite pair of jeans. This iconic fashion fabric is making its’ way from wardrobe staple into the land of trendy hair colour. With all the galaxy colours and pastels on the scene lately, we have to admit that denim hair may be the most versatile variation yet. We’re swapping out the super-bold blues and purples of mermaid hair for more of a stone-washed effect. This trend combines blue, purple and grey colour to create a denim hue just like that trusty pair of Levi’s you’ve had for a decade. Similar to the silver fox hair colour trend, you can customize denim hair colour to fit your style; go bold or subtle, dark or light. It might not be as easy as slipping on a pair of jeans, but it’s worth it.

The biggest difference between denim hair and other creative color trends is that it doesn’t have to be super-saturated. Much like denim it actually looks really great a little faded and washed out, which is good news for you salon slackers out there who don’t want to be doing continuous colour refreshes. Keep in mind however, that some heavy lifting will have to be done, as your hair needs to be bleached out before taking on the blue tones.

Check out some of the awesome options for denim hair below


Acid wash

Dark wash

Light wash


Add a twist

Under this silver “denim” hair colour by Terri Maxwell there’s a little twist… a peek-a-boo hair tattoo by James Mckay!

For the most part this is a “one-size-fits-all” trend thanks to all the variations, however be sure to bring in photos of your preferred option to show your stylist. That way they can have a solid idea of the hue you’re going after and formulate a way to achieve it. It’s a good idea to remain flexible, as with most hair colours it’s easier to get you there if you can accept being within range of your desired shade versus demanding an exact outcome. Do a quick search of #denimhair on Instagram and you’ll see a ton of inspiration. Also keep in mind what the colour will look like as it fades and be prepared to invest in a good colour safe shampoo and conditioner.

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