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Are you a 90’s Child gone Wild?

You can finally feel confident enough to pull out the photo albums covered in dust out of storage from the 90’s. We’ve been waiting for a 90’s hair come back and our wait is over! Beyond the sea of flannel revival, Seattle grunge resurgence (which we never considered went away) and dark lips, we welcome trends that resurface and allow you to relive your best (or redeem some of your worst) hair days of the 90’s while being as vogue as ever in 2016.

Now we caution, maybe not all 90’s hair styles have come full circle. We still think it will take some time for butterfly clips to become nostalgic enough to make a successful comeback (maybe centuries). But dig out those scrunchies, Netflix some Clueless (Whatever, you know you love it), and dose yourself in body glitter to get ready to relive some of the 1990’s hair that can shine in 2016.

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[/column][column col=”3/4″]The Bob: barely grazing the shoulder, a classic 1990’s bob leaves enough length to be styled without requiring too much time commitment or fuss. The Lob (a long bob) ensures that the hair will graze your shoulders and can provide more styling options should a change in length be too drastic. We love this X-Files classic with Gillian Anderson looking anything but spooky. And if you thought the trend names ended there, you’re wrong! Cue the Wob (a wavy bob) that can be your classic bob, or lob length with a beachy, wave inspired texture true to the 90’s less is more approach to hair styling.
90’s Inspiration: Madonna, Drew Barrymoore, Gillian Anderson[/column]

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[/column][column col=”3/4″]‘The Rachel’: The debut of Jennifer Aniston’s Friend’s coif prompted dozens of lookalikes in its wake in 1995. Defined by its choppy layers and face framing textures, celebrity’s like Tyra Banks and Meg Ryan drove equally as fast as Friend’s followers to their stylist for the iconic cut. Influencing layers into 2016, ‘The Rachel’ quite single-handedly defined a generation with its voluminous layered look.
90’s Inspiration: Jennifer Anniston[/column]

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[/column][column col=”3/4″]Half-up Top Knot: Melding the mini bun and rave knots, the half-up top knot we know and love today has 1990s roots. The loose, low maintenance style appeared as double buns and half up top knots on raver starlets. A mix of glitter and grunge, this iconic style could be styled tight and coiffed, or loose and carefree. A trend alert for festivals like Coachella we see the double bun and half knot revival on current celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Miley Cyrus, a nice alternative to the plethora of ever present braids and waves.
90’s Inspirations: Gwen Stefani, Sharon Costanzo, Bjork[/column]

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Pixie Cuts: Short hair, don’t care! If there’s one hair that takes bold to a new level, it’s the pixie. Super short with demure sexiness, the recent pixie takes inspiration from the quintessential shapes pioneered in the 90’s by some of the hottest starlets. While the empowerment of a chop can be prompted by a significant life change (saying goodbye to Beverly Hills 90210), we feel this cut should be embraced as a bold trend verses an emotional chop.
90’s Inspirations: Winona Ryder, Demi Moore, Angelina Jolie

So head to your stylist at Plan B and tell them what you want (what you really, really want!), we promise we won’t tell you to talk to the hand. Call us today (250) 717-7526